FL Studio Cookbook

Over 40 recipes to help you master the art of music production with FL Studio

Set up your own Digital Audio Workstation to create studio-quality music productions
Build your song with rhythm, sampling, vocals, guitar, and a multitude of sounds while mixing and organizing your project

The concepts presented in this book are explained in a very practical manner with clear instructions to be followed in order to complete each task

In Detail
Developed by the Belgian company Image-Lin…

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Microsoft Windows Server Administration Essentials

The core concepts and technologies you need to administer a Windows Server OS
Administering a Windows operating system (OS) can be a difficult topic to grasp, particularly if you are new to the field of IT. This full-color resource serves as an approachable introduction to understanding how to install a server, the various roles of a server, and how server performance and maintenance impacts a network.
With a special focus placed on the new Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certificate, t…

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Handbook on Computational Intelligence, In 2 Volumes

With the Internet, the proliferation of Big Data, and autonomous systems, mankind has entered into an era of ‘digital obesity’. In this century, computational intelligence, such as thinking machines, have been brought forth to process complex human problems in a wide scope of areas — from social sciences, economics and biology, medicine and social networks, to cyber security.
The Handbook of Computational Intelligence prompts the readers to look at these problems from a non-traditional angle…

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Analysis and Correctness of Algebraic Graph and Model Transformations

Graph and model transformations play a central role for visual modeling and model-driven software development. Within the last decade, a mathematical theory of algebraic graph and model transformations has been developed for modeling, analysis, and to show the correctness of transformations. Ulrike Golas extends this theory for more sophisticated applications like the specification of syntax, semantics, and model transformations of complex models. Based on M-adhesive transformation systems, m…

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Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Unleashed

Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 doesn’t just add dozens of new features: It integrates multiple technologies into a common, unified communications system that can add value in many new ways. Now, five leading Exchange Server consultants help you deploy Exchange Server 2013 quickly and smoothly–and then efficiently manage, troubleshoot, and support it for years to come. More than a comprehensive, authoritative reference, Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Unleashed presents hundreds of helpful ti…

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C Programming: The Tutorial

C Programming: The Tutorial is the ideal book for learning the C language for students, IT professionals or autodidacts without assuming any prior programming experience. Concepts are smoothly introduced while thoroughly described with a great number of examples and figures. The author willfully takes the side of focusing on basic and short examples highlighting the features being described instead of long and wearing examples.
Trickier and essential points are not fully conveyed in a sin…

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Learning to Program with MATLAB: Building GUI Tools

The text is for instructors who want to use MATLAB to teach introductory programming concepts. Since many students struggle with applying the concepts that underlie good programming practice,  Learning to Program with MATLAB: Building GUI Tools was designed upon the observation that student learning is enhanced if the students themselves build the GUI (graphical user interface) tool, construct the computational model, implement the visualization of results, and design the GUI. This text teach…

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Intelligent Knowledge: A Study beyond Data Mining

This book is mainly about an innovative and fundamental method called “intelligent knowledge” to bridge the gap between data mining and knowledge management, two important fields recognized by the information technology (IT) community and business analytics (BA) community respectively. The book includes definitions of the “first-order” analytic process, “second-order” analytic process and intelligent knowledge, which have not formally been addressed by either data mining or knowledge managem…

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Adobe Creative Suite 5 Bible

Learn to use CS5 to produce better work and become a more productive designer
The newest release of Adobe Creative Suite boasts a world of must-have features and enhancements to each of its applications: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, GoLive, Acrobat, and Version Cue. Written by a duo of Adobe experts, this thorough reference focuses on the collection of programs that comprise the Creative Suite and shows you how to efficiently integrate and manage your workflow between these applications…

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