Handbook on Computational Intelligence, In 2 Volumes

With the Internet, the proliferation of Big Data, and autonomous systems, mankind has entered into an era of ‘digital obesity’. In this century, computational intelligence, such as thinking machines, have been brought forth to process complex human problems in a wide scope of areas — from social sciences, economics and biology, medicine and social networks, to cyber security.
The Handbook of Computational Intelligence prompts the readers to look at these problems from a non-traditional angle…

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The A+ Certification & PC Repair Handbook (Charles River Media Networking/Security)

Many A+ certification guides prepare aspiring PC technicians to pass the exam, but don’t put test objectives in a “practical use” context. Other PC repair guides cover A+ exam objectives in a real-world setting, but don’t prepare students well enough to pass the test and get certified. The A+ Certification and PC Repair Handbook solves this problem by combining a complete test preparation for the new A+ examinations (220-301 and 220-302) with a hands on guide that reflects how the A+ exam que…

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